“What is The Lada Rally?”

“Where does the rally start and end?”
The Lada Rally starts from the shores of Northern Europe, in Tallinn, Estonia, on Saturday 24th August 2019. After seven days of driving across all of Eastern Europe, the Lada Rally ends on the Mediterranean beaches of Thessaloniki, Greece.

“How much is entry?”
Entry to the Lada Rally is £105 per person - as bigger bargain as the Soviet motor you’ll end up buying in Tallinn. If you’re a bit of a wheeler dealer, we’ve had teams in the past entirely subsidise their Lada experience through either getting backing from their employers or by selling sticker space on their rally vehicles.

“Where do we buy our cars from in Tallinn?”
The Lada Rally is partnered with an excellent car showroom in Tallinn, which annually stops selling their usual twenty-grand Mercedes-Benz and provide The Lada Rally with top quality bangers for under £750.

“So how do I win the Lada Rally? Do I need to get to Greece as quickly as possible?”
Hold your horses. You don’t want to turn up to Greece as quickly as possible; life is about the journey, not the destination.

“So you get there as slowly as possible?”
Not quite. All the cars will leave Tallinn at 10:00 on Saturday 24 August, with the finishing line in Greece only open between 11:00 – 13:00 on Saturday 31 August. This means that there is only an available four hours difference in your actual finishing time, of either 168 hours or 172 hours.

“Now I am confused”
Yeah, it does get clearer, I promise. So, instead of rushing to the finish line, you will have hours taken off your finishing time by visiting the countries or LadaStops, or completing the challenges set out in the challenge pack. The team with the lowest time at the end of the week wins.

“How does the country, LadaStops and challenges system work?”
Visiting each country will remove a different amount from your end time; for example, Latvia is easy to go to on the way, so that will only knock off one hour from your finishing time, whilst getting yourself into Russia is a much harder task, and so would knock off four hours. The LadaStops are then situated within all of the main countries en route, and will each take an additional one hour off your finishing time. Lada Challenges will also knock off hours from your finishing time.

“But how will I prove I did all these things?”
There are strict ‘Video/picture or it didn’t happen’ rules. Take a picture of your team or car at the country or LadaStop, then log onto the Slack App to send it through to Lada HQ and our Lada elves will knock this off your time.

“Where does my car end up?”
At the end of the rally, all suitable vehicles are donated to refugee charities working across Greece. In the past, this has been to charities working across areas such as refugee camps, sports initiatives and schools.

“Where do I sign up?”
We thought you’d never ask - visit www.theladarally.com/registration